fear-aggressive german shepherd

Dog Whisperer’s advice to owner of beautiful but fear-aggressive German Shepherd owner.

Dogs of any size or temperament need rules and limitations. They need leadership from their human owners. They certainly don’t need to be coddled or allowed to do whatever they want. That’s not good for them; it’s not leadership on the part of the owner.

The alternative for this beautiful Shepherd was to be sent to a shelter, which in a large percentage of cases is a death sentence (the exception, you ask? puppies are less likely than adult dogs to be killed in shelters).

Notice that Millan (the Dog Whisperer) does not show any fear of this dog. He also has instincts that most people do not have. Therefore, don’t assume that you’re suddenly a dog trainer after watching this video. However, there are a few things we can learn from this: 1) dogs with behavioral problems can almost always be helped in the right hands; 2) the lack of leadership, rules, and structure is always bad for any dog; 3) aggression is very often due to fear (i.e., fear-aggression)–in my personal experience, that percentage is extremely high.

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