big data

The NSA and Silicon Valley are both big on Big Data. We freely give our data to Google, Microsoft, etc, because they provide value for us. The Snowden leaks could make US companies less competitive globally, though I suspect Silicon Valley justified the risk of public exposure on the basis that

a) national security would benefit,

b) consumers would overlook this huge infraction (after all, are there alternatives? are those alternatives any more trustworthy?),

c) there’s money to be made by by cozying with the government, and

d) there’s risk in being seen as uncooperative with the government.

NY Times article on the topic

Bruce Schneier’s write-up and commentary

Schneier is correct that the wording of the denials previously made were cleverly ambiguous (at best). Really, using clever wording to deceive is still a lie, it’s just more creative and entails fewer repercussions on the part of the deceiver. We tolerate indirect lies but not direct lies, meaning that executives and government officials can continue to deceive us, provided we’re not savvy or willing to parse their words and identify the true message.

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