software to verify accuracy of online dating profile

It compares the online dating information to a Facebook profile. It looks like it’s “opt-in”-oriented, however. In other words, if I enter my information on the online dating site, and if I have a Facebook profile, then I can use this software to certify I am who I say I am, and that the information I’ve provided on the dating site is accurate.

There are other clues one can glean from the old-fashioned approach. Parsing the word choice used in the profile might give the astute reader clues as to the interests, education, and motives of the potential mate. Even aspects of personality might be accurately guessable given a reasonable writing sample.

The best strategy might be to use both approaches in tandem, as one doesn’t replace the other. Have the potential date “certify” himself or herself, and also read over the profile yourself, analyzing every word, hidden meanings, etc.

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