dallas swat – dog not killed

Dallas SWAT invade house of drugdealer. Tactical drive-by’s of the house reveal pit bull guarding the house. Multiple officers comment on the aggressive and ferocious nature of the large pit bull.

The pit bull isn’t that large (it’s average sized, perhaps on the smaller end actually) and isn’t aggressive in the slightest. In fact, the dog is playful. Fortunately, the officers realize this. They almost took the dog’s life though (a shot is fired in the video, presumably aimed at the dog). Had they done so, the report would have been that they had killed an “aggressive pit bull.”

The reason for this mistaken evaluation is that we’re hard-wired to err on the side of danger when evaluating possible threats. Pit bulls have formidable jaw strength (roughly that of German Shepherds). But what makes them potentially dangerous is a) the possibility of neurological damage due to in-breeding, and b) the fact that they were bred to be fearless. Their fearlessness makes them less dangerous than many dogs; fear can be a source of tremendous power and potential danger when a dog (or person) is cornered. But for pit bulls, their lack of fear means that for the ones that haven’t been abused or in-bred, and that have been socialized well, are not threatening at all.

Had they done a better evaluation beforehand, they would have realized this. I don’t blame them though, as approaching the house to do such evaluation would have violated protocol and put the operation in jeopardy.

I take videos like this with a grain of salt. When being recorded, police are at their best behavior, not their worst, and bad behavior can be edited out anyway. Still, one of the officers joked about killing the dog in a way that revealed that, perhaps, it’s happened before.

What did they find in the house? A large amount of pot.

This leads me to another point: we need to legalize or at least de-criminalize pot. It will put these drug dealers out of business overnight. Pot is a gateway drug only insofar as drug dealers can then push harder substances on buyers. Pot in itself is not addictive. In contrast, cocaine, heroin, and alcohol have strong potential for addiction and for the associated compulsive behavior. Pot does not have the same physiological effect, nor the dangers associated with it.

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