harvard MBA interview questions

A pretty good list.

There are ten of them, but here are a few.

Explain to me something you’re working on as if I were an eight-year-old? (idea is to assess ability to take complex ideas and distill to general audience)

What do you want to be remembered as? (assessing intended mark one wants to leave on the world)

What’s the one thing you’ll never be as good at as others? (assessing self-awareness)

How would your parents describe you when you were twelve? (assessing self-awareness and reflection) This one appealed to me because I asked a very similar one to a candidate some time ago. I phrased it somewhat differently–what would I find out from your peers if I asked them to describe you?–but the idea is the same. My phrasing was intentional. If the applicant thinks I might talk to her peers, she’s very likely to give honest feedback to avoid appearing dishonest and also more likely to be forthcoming with her weaknesses as well as strengths. And if you’re wondering, the answer I got back was satisfactory from this conscientious applicant; I ended up recommending her for the paid internship position.

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