anderson cooper’s stalker caught

This is very strange. Anderson Cooper (celebrity CNN anchor who happens to be gay) has been stalked for years by someone who is obviously confused.

[The suspect, who is a] self-proclaimed gay, Jewish white supremacist was in court last night … facing charges that he has terrorized Anderson Cooper, threatening to “f**k you up.”

40-year-old Alex Hausner has allegedly stalked Cooper for 5 years … but things escalated last month when he showed up at the CNN star’s home….  [emphasis added in first paragraph]

Hausner (the suspect) also targeted Cooper’s boyfriend. It’s unfortunate that it took this long for justice. And it’s very odd for anyone to be a mixture of gay, Jewish, and white supremacist (does he know that white supremacist groups target and harass gays and Jews?).

The fame associated with celebrities is a high price to pay, and hence the reason I sympathize and give benefit of the doubt whenever a celebrity “loses it.” They’re under enormous pressure and constant surveillance from the public and the media.

Another story of interest:  the Baton Rouge (Louisiana) sheriff’s office is using (unconstitutional) sodomy laws to arrest gay men. Police masquerade as interested and consensual parties so as to ensnare the victim suspect.

The most recent arrest on July 18th is the latest in a dozen over the last two years in which the sodomy laws have been used by local law enforcement, despite the fact that they will not be able to bring these men to court on that legal basis.

This looks like run-of-the-mill harassment. Gay males (but not females) are frequent targets for harassment (by men). This has little to do with religion or philosophy, though either can be used to condone such violence. Instead, there are evolutionary reasons why men might be “hard-wired” (with social/peer reinforcement) to harass gay males, seeing them as weak and different, and threatening to the tribe. This idea might explain why some gay males are “conflicted” on their own homosexuality and might lash out at gays. Their identity is in conflict, and so they aggressively assert their masculinity and conformity to their group.

None of this is justification for harassment. It is not the job of police to act as bullies with badges to suppress the free expression of individuals, though that seems to have happened in the story above.

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