obviously biased fox news interview of reza aslan, writer of book on jesus

I haven’t read the book, and I stumbled upon the interview by chance. Dr Reza Aslan is a Muslim and a religious academic. His wife and some other family members are Christian; he makes clear he is writing as an academic and that his writing does not necessarily represent the Islamic view of Jesus (he mentions that it, in fact, is not in concordance with the Muslim view in some respects).

What’s striking is the obvious bias of the interviewer. She persistently asks filtered questions (ostensibly from viewers of the show) that question Reza’s rationale for writing such a book. Reza, who has obviously had such questions prior, responds defensively but effectively. In the interview, he comes across as completely genuine. The interviewer/host, on the other hand, is like a broken record, unable or unwilling to ask any questions of substance about the book, rather focusing on attack-oriented questions.

That’s too bad. While asking that sort of question initially is, in my view, completely fine, asking what in essence is the same question repeatedly is ludicrous. I would have been interested in hearing his perspective, maybe in the form of some key points of the book or some interesting tidbits. But so much effort was focused on the writer of the book rather than the book itself.

Unfortunately, it’s the usual Fox News crap. I wanted an interview regarding the book; instead, I got an editorial from someone who didn’t even read the book. It boggles my mind that people watch this crap. What is the point in watching an interview of someone if not to gain some insight into that person’s point of view, even if it is antithetical to your own?

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