infosys discriminates against americans, christians

Allegedly, at least. I’m not sure what actions federal agencies need to take; the reputational ding will likely do the trick, though that doesn’t mean the feds won’t take action. And it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t take action (it’s hard to say, depends on one’s political philosophy and on specifics on what happened, who was involved, etc).

This is about money more so than anything. Americans are expensive, and so hiring Asians to do the same job for cheaper is the chief motivation. The anti-American and bizarre anti-Christian slur that was allegedly written on a whiteboard might reflect one person’s prejudice, but the real strategy here was an ill-conceived (possibly illegal) business decision to hire people elsewhere to work for less.

Then again, I wonder if there is some racism or other prejudice against Americans (perhaps just the “prototypic” white Christian American) by Indians, and to what degree that played into it, or if that was used to bolster the “business” strategy of hiring non-Americans.

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