manning .. arrogant?

The prosecution has portrayed Manning [the military analyst who leaked sensitive documents] as arrogant in releasing the classified material and has tried to show damage that the leaks to WikiLeaks, a pro-transparency website, had done to the United States.

From here. That argument is nonsense, and the prosecution is being purposefully misleading on this point. Manning certainly isn’t arrogant. He was likely suffering on-going elevated anxiety, depression, and also issues regarding his sexual identity. But certainly not arrogance. The prosecution would logically use this sort of argument since “arrogance” leads to much less sympathy and compassion than the truth, in Manning’s case. It’s a tactic, a game of sorts, but not the truth, and the prosecution team should know better than to purposefully mislead.

What he did was certainly against the law. Whether it will ultimately benefit the country is another question.

Barack Obama ran on a platform of greater government transparency. It was a sham, of course. He’s been anything but transparent. But greater transparency is what he’s getting, in the form of leakers and whistleblowers, whether he wishes it or not.

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