cia and police agencies

On-going collaboration

One cannot help but wonder whether a CIA mentality helped shape the NYPD’s Muslim surveillance program. A Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation by the Associated Press has shown that police officers monitored every aspect of the lives of Muslim New Yorkers [since 9/11]. They secretly mapped out Muslim communities, noting the details of bookstores, barbershops and cafes. Informants in mosques reported on religious beliefs and political views that had nothing to do with terrorism. Muslim student groups across the Northeast were watched.

I have no idea to what degree this is still happening (I suspect it is) or to what degree it is a problem. I think we have a more generalized problem with a) our spy agencies, who are spying on Americans, probably illegally, and b) police agencies in general, which have become more aggressive and control-oriented at expense of inspiring trust of the citizenry. The incredibly zealous use of SWAT teams for petty crimes is one example that I’ve discussed in the past.

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  1. Brittius says:

    On this topic, though I was a cop many years ago, what also needs to be looked at is the fact that since 9/11, the NYPD has personnel overseas in different countries. They work with all of the other government agencies of other nations. Why? That’s the CIA’s job unless, the CIA is either smoke & mirrors, or, doing something else they should not be doing. The lines are blurred and there is a melding taking place since 9/11 due to the terror situation as what was once forbidden, preempting, is now condoned. The recent federal court decision against Stop & Frisk in NYC, may play into this, as Stop & Frisk was cited as something the overseas contingent was basically doing in conjunction with federal agencies to preempt another 9/11 event. It has been going on for twelve years. The results? Who knows? It is also spreading throughout America.

    • John Smith says:

      Many things have been done in the name of security, not all bad. My concern is the loss of liberty, the massive financial cost, and the general lack of efficacy of many of these strategically short-sighted steps. But good info on the CIA and NYPD collaboration. Given the focus on NYC and the on-going threat, I can understand the motivation behind such an arrangement.

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