police raid led to heart attack of innocent person

Carlos Alcis, 43, died of an apparent heart attack early Thursday morning after police entered his Brownsville home.

Police said they knocked and were let in; the family of the dead father said that police barged in around 5am. It’s hard to know if police are telling the truth in this case, though I’m highly skeptical of the police claim.

“With more than 10 police officers inside of the house, my nephew here had to call 911 for my brother,” Rudy Alcis said.

Adding insult to injury, the police didn’t bother to summon ambulance to the scene, after the man collapsed 30 minutes prior. Doing so could have saved his life.

The police were responding to a crime involving assault and theft of a cell phone. While I commend police action in any assault, did they really need to barge in and point flash lights in people’s faces? What is the point of that? Was this show of force appropriate in this situation, even if it means fear to the point of cardiac arrest?

The original crime, punching someone in the face and taking the person’s cell phone, impacted one victim. In contrast, the result of the ten police officers who raided an innocent family’s house were many victims, life-long trauma and fear of police, and the death of an innocent person. And if the police really weren’t “let in” by the deceased individual, then they are liars.

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