threats to journalists following snowden affair

On the threat to journalists by governments and their corporate puppets.

[The] US and UK governments – while claiming to welcome the debate around state surveillance started by Snowden – are also intent on stemming the tide of leaks and on pursuing the whistleblower with a vengeance. That perception is right.

The end of “confidential sources” might be the unintended and unfavorable consequence of the surveillance state, though I doubt things will get that bad.

My hope? A technology catch-up, with Lavabit- and Silent Circle-like companies popping up outside the US/UK; greater use of decentralized communication (PGP for encrypted email, for eg). My other hope: political leaders and corporate leaders alike who begin to take a stand in favor of real transparency and liberty.

A sign? When we see police or other state operatives officially questioned/censured, not just public and journalistic outrage. That will at least begin to show that the tide has turned.

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