nsa and pattern of abuse

On the NSA’s pattern of surveillance abuses and other abuses of power …

Last week in Washington, Congressional investigators discovered that the America’s foreign intelligence surveillance court, a body set up specifically to oversee the NSA, had itself been defied by the agency “thousands of times”. It was victim to “a culture of misinformation” as orders to destroy intercepts, emails and files were simply disregarded; an intelligence community that seems neither intelligent nor a community commanding a global empire that could suborn the world’s largest corporations, draw up targets for drone assassination, blackmail US Muslims into becoming spies and haul passengers off planes.

The abuses are sufficiently ingrained that we have to assume they’re on-going, notwithstanding public awareness and some political pressure. These abuses and their perverse ramifications will continue until politicians act to curtail it, much more decisively than they’ve acted thus far.

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