illegal to train others how to beat polygraphs?

Guy who trained others how to ostensibly beat polygraph (“lie detector”) tests incarcerated.

An Indiana Little League coach who trained several people to beat polygraph tests is going to federal prison.

Thirty-four-year-old Chad Dixon provided training to several applicants for federal jobs, including jobs in the intelligence community. According to the government, “Dixon taught physical and mental polygraph countermeasures” that could produce truthful results “even if you are flat out lying.”


… Dixon ended up “training” undercover agents. One agent told Dixon she used to smuggle contraband into a jail, accepted bribes, and was an active drug user….

It seems that the alleged crime in this case isn’t the training per se, but something more like “obstruction of justice” or “aiding and abetting.”

I call bull shit on this one though. If I advised someone on the best tactics to use during police interrogations to avoid false confession, or if I gave legal advice to someone (assuming I was credentialed to do so), would that be aiding an abetting? Probably not.

Furthermore, the results of polygraph tests are typically inadmissible in court, so that would presumably overturn any obstruction of justice charge.

Only a guess, but my suspicion is that they had to have something to pin on him for his “real crime,” which of course was instructing people on defeating error-ridden polygraph tests. Why else would he have been targeted in the first place, after all?

Using entrapment to dissuade others from disseminating knowledge will likely be effective in this case. No doubt others will think twice before offering or advertising these sorts of services, even if the service itself is perfectly legal.

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