Bing vs Google

Microsoft’s BingItOn challenge … misleading?

…several of Microsoft’s claims are a little fishy.  Or to put the conclusion more formally, we think that Google has a colorable deceptive advertising claim against Microsoft.

I took the challenge myself. The result:  of five searches, 100% of my preferred search results went to Google. Stated another way, none of my selections were of Bing’s search results, despite the similarity of the output.

Maybe it’s a coincidence, or maybe it’s the result of my particular search terms, which are below.

Note that my point here is that the BingItOn campaign is marketing and not science. It’s hard to believe that people prefer Bing “2 to 1.” My own results suggest a strong bias toward Google, for whatever reason, or simply chance. From a rational perspective, I don’t really think either company is “better” than the other overall, and neither company can truthfully claim that they are “don’t be evil” companies, referring to Google’s early slogan.

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