police departments like organized crime syndicates

Florida police entrap non-criminal citizens to commit drug crimes. The non-criminals tricked into this police-led scam then have their life ruined by arrest and potential long-term incarceration. The inducement for police? They get to seize the assets of the “criminals,” funding both the department and the officers themselves, who pocket some of the cash in the form of “overtime.” Police enlist informants to help them lure others into their trap.

An excerpt of a father of four children who works in the medical profession whose life is now in turmoil over this. The informant who tricked him was a friend he had known for years. A second informant resorted to placing drugs in his bag, effectively planting the evidence on him.

Gus Borjas, a nurse by profession and a father of four from Homestead, Fla., got caught up in one of the Sunrise Police’s cocaine stings. Lured by a paid informant he had known for years who promised to repay an old debt, Borjas agreed to bring a satchel filled with $23,000 in cash to a parking lot and, when he got there, he walked straight into a trap, Borjas said.

Undercover video from the case shows a second paid informant aggressively drawing him into the action.

“In order for them to keep the money they have to make … it look like I’m buying the drugs, obviously, you know,” Borjas said.

Eventually, the female informant placed a kilo of cocaine in Borjas’ bag to establish possession.

Suddenly, Borjas was now a drug offender and facing a possible mandatory 15-year minimum sentence for narcotics trafficking….

Some officers even doubled their salary in overtime pay alone….

Borjas’s attorney had this to say:

“It’s very unfair,” he said. “Why should you go to jail if you’re not a criminal? Why do they have to make up cases? Only criminals are supposed to go to jail, you know.”

“Unfair” is a gross understatement. This was a criminal act, committed by a police department, that could have led to a 15 year mandatory minimum sentence for a non-criminal, working professional, and father.

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