nypd arrests someone for possession of candy

This is really stupid.

A New York City man arrested this summer for possession of methamphetamine was actually carrying Jolly Rancher candies that cops mistook for a controlled substance, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit. [emphasis added]

The man in question, Love Olatunjiojo, is of African descent, not that police in New York treat people differently for that reason.

A Criminal Court complaint alleged that officers seized a “quantity of methamphetamine” that field tested positive for a controlled substance. One of the arresting officers “has had professional testing as a police officer in the identification of methamphetamine.”

The fact that an officer “field tested” the individually wrapped Jolly Rancher candy and found that they tested positive for methamphetamine tells me one thing:  the officer did not actually test the candy.

Olatunjiojo alleges that his false arrest, strip search, and unlawful imprisonment has resulted in “emotional trauma” and “severe mental pain and anguish.”

I agree that Olatunjiojo should get compensation for the hell that he was put through, but I don’t think it should stop there. Police who act like thugs and who lie about field testing candy on official reports should be held accountable.

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