kevin dutton and james fallon on psychopathy

A good interview and overview of the subject overall.

Overall, good interview and worth watching. Dutton admires psychopaths far more than I do. He seems intrigued with their stress-resilience and apparent fearlessness. The problem I have with this view is that it confuses fearlessness with psychopathy. Though psychopaths tend not to feel fear or anxiety as the rest of us do, we should avoid equating the two. It’s possible to be relatively fearless and yet not be psychopathic. Fearlessness and equanimity under pressure are good characteristics; manipulativeness, remorselessness, pathological lying, and narcissism are negative traits–traits that are associated with psychopathic subjects.

Related – Dr James Fallon, a neuroscientist, talks about psychopathy and relates to brain structure. Other research I’ve done on Fallon indicates that he believes he’s psychopathic himself and that he has a brain structure identical to those of many of the psychopathic killers he’s examined. (See a long interview here with Fallon. Worth watching, despite the interviewer’s utter lack of knowledge in the subject and exceedingly annoying habit of interrupting Fallon.)

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