guy meets serial killer, lives to tell fascinating tale

Young US Marine befriends stranger, likes him immediately, in the platonic sense. The Marine, Jay Roberts, is both macho and heterosexual. He agrees to meet his friend at his hotel room, for some “good beer.” Friend asks Roberts if he wants to have sex–perhaps a question that would shock most of us except for the casual way it was asked. Roberts declines, but nonetheless is intrigued with his relaxed and smooth-talking buddy. He eventually leaves.

And he discovers later that his friend was, very possibly, a prolific serial killer named Randy Kraft.

The whole account is worth reading. The characteristics of the presumed killer remind me of accounts of psychopathic inmates in the writings of Dr Robert Hare, who described the personality disorder in detail and came up with the diagnostic criteria. Smooth-talking and manipulative, they (quite easily) win our trust. They are our best friends, until they defraud us, abuse us, or kill us.

Read from this perspective, the autobiographical account is quite chilling.

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