pedaphiles and anal probes

Snowden leaks could help pedaphiles, according to the UK government

Surveillance authorities will resort to anything to distract the public from their abuse of power. They don’t elaborate on how pedaphiles are helped by the disclosures, nor is evidence presented to support the statement, nor is any argument made regarding the tradeoffs (i.e., what we lose in our journey toward a police state).

Man is anally probed by police for non-existent drugs

More collateral damage of America’s harsh “war on drugs.”

“This is like something out of a science fiction film,” Kennedy told KOB. “Anal probing by government officials and public employees?”

Eckert did not consent to any of the searches.

Kennedy said her client has been “absolutely terrified” since the January incident.

“I mean it’s absolutely unimaginable that this could happen in America,” Kennedy told KOB.

I disagree with that last statement. It’s actually not that hard to imagine, and certainly not the worst or most absurd abuse by police that I’ve heard of.

Eckert is suing the City of Deming, the Deming Police Department, the Gila Regional Medical Center and deputies from the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department.

I don’t know that the medical center is at fault here; they were following orders by police and were perhaps intimidated (though the first medical center asked to perform the procedure did not do so on ethical grounds). However, suing the police department certainly makes sense. I’d like to see more than just lawsuits in cases like this, but it’s a start.

More on this story…  It may have been racism (by Hispanic police against white man), though that is unclear/speculative. The victim of police harassment was also sent a bill for his involuntary “medical anal rape.”

Eckert was sent a $6,000 bill for the medical procedures he involuntarily underwent, his lawyer says. [emphasis added]

Kennedy says her client lives in fear of retaliation yet wants to share his story “to protect others, to let them know this happened.”

That fear of retaliation isn’t paranoia; it represents a very real and logical fear. The second article expands the list of targets for litigation:

Eckert is suing three Deming, N.M., police officers, three Hidalgo County police officers, the Gila Regional Medical Center and Deputy District Attorney Daniel Dougherty, who helped secure the warrant. Kennedy filed a malpractice complaint with the state medical review commission Oct. 18 against the two doctors who performed the colonoscopy.

If true, this is very good, as it places the consequence on individual officers, not just the department. I have mixed feelings about targeting medical staff for reasons already stated.

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