silicon valley not happy with NSA

Google’s executive chairman coached Obama’s campaign team; executives from Craigslist, Napster, and Linkedin helped him fundraise….

That was then. This is now:

…some members of Silicon Valley are taking a new perspective: “F— these guys.”

Maybe they should have seen this coming, but I don’t blame them. I certainly would have assumed some of the recent revelations were conspiracy theory nonsense. The idea that the NSA is spying on millions of Americans, purposefully weakening encryption and hashing algorithms, exploiting and likely planting backdoors in commercial software… these aren’t so much conspiracy theories as they are fact at this point.

What are companies doing in response?

Microsoft, for instance, signed on with Apple, Google, and other companies to voice support for full-fledged NSA reform. “Companies are beginning to realize that…the NSA is actively hacking and targeting [them], putting all of us at risk,”…

A sensible response, since many billions of dollars and potentially the long term reputation of all US tech companies hangs in the balance.

Fallout by NSA on US networking equipment maker Cisco.

Some companies are under gag order, can’t publish more details in their transparency reports.

A very detailed essay on Bruce Schneier’s blog on the fallout of US tech by the NSA.

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