how to not get arrested

Good article on how to avoid getting arrested.

Interesting points in the intro:

“Law enforcement officers now are part of the revenue gathering system,” Carson tells me in a phone interview…. Policing isn’t about keeping streets safe, it’s about statistical success [arresting the most people].

Ways to avoid arrest? Basically, be invisible to police. Don’t stand out, move too quickly, appear very different in a crowd, wear ostentatious clothing. If questioned by police, take the verbal beatings; be respectful; if necessary, look pitiful.

There’s more, and the above are the obvious ones.

Dale Carson evidently wrote the book on avoiding getting arrested and has worked in law enforcement himself. I haven’t read the book, though I might. It’s interesting that he describes police as predatory. Not surprising, just interesting, as I’m not used to such candor from a former officer.

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