various tech companies bolster security in light of NSA/Snowden revelations

The problem of government snooping on its citizenry doesn’t go away with technical solutions alone, but this is a good step regardless. The idea is that a transient encryption key is used only for a given web session and then discarded. This technique removes the single point of failure that occurs when there is a master key that is used to encrypt/decrypt traffic that can be obtained by the government, perhaps surreptitiously, and then used to decrypt all previously recorded traffic.

Bravo to Google for contributing to the security ecosystem: “…Google, an early pioneer in the technology, had worked out many of the kinks in Perfect Forward Secrecy and shared its knowledge with the security community.”

And we need this kind of push-back. The NSA hacks into computers and into networks. Things would be easier for them if they could force companies like Microsoft, Cisco, et al, to include backdoors in their code (assuming they can’t). What is clear is that politically, we should not give the NSA powers that ultimately would lead them to having backdoor access into nearly all consumer and business products.

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